ON STAGE NOW : Mamma Mio Here We Go Again

October 26 — February 10 2019

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Extra matinee performances on: November 20, December 4, and January 29. Ask our box office for more information!

Join us for a celebration of the wonderful music of ABBA, and other classic bands of the era, as we tell another tale of love lost, love found and love rediscovered. Let’s take a step back to the crazy 70s when our characters first met and see how lifelong friendships began

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A Christmas Toy’s Story

A Christmas Toy’s Story

November 3 — January 12 2019

With extra performances on November 12, 2018 and January 3, 2019!

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More Dirty Dancing

More Dirty Dancing

February 15 — March 31 2019

It’s great to be alive, in the summer of ’65… unless you’re Chris “Babe” Gardiner that is. You see Chris (Babe to those who know him) has to spend the best weeks of the summer with his parents at some boring resort. To add to Babe’s lament, his mother has even signed him up for dance lessons. Babe’s fortunes start to turn however, when he meets his beautiful dance instructor. She offers to give him some extra, after-hours, lessons in a kind of dancing that frees the soul and opens the mind.. Can the boy from a stuffy, upper crust family learn to let go and dance like no one is watching?

Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents More Dirty Dancing!

Buddy Holly’s Happy Days

Buddy Holly’s Happy Days

April 5 — May 19 2019

Come back with us to those Happiest of Day’s… the 1950’s! The gang is all here, Richie Cunningham, the Fonz, and of course their best pal Buddy Holly. What? You didn’t know that the legendary Rock and Roll pioneer was friends with Ritchie Cunningham and the gang?!? He was their best Buddy!! Jubilations Dinner Theatre presents Buddy Holly’s Happy Days. All of Buddy Holly’s greatest hits and some more fantastic oldies too!!

Footsloose - New Town New Dance

Footsloose - New Town New Dance

May 24 — August 11 2019

Remember the small town of Belmont that once had a bylaw prohibiting kids from dancing? Well, what are the chances of Lark and her Dad moving to another small town only to discover, that dancing is taboo but also most kinds of music? Let the dance rebellion rise again…